Viralling Out of Control

Everyday, there are millions of people that go onto the internet and somehow, certain videos, pictures, or articles manage to go viral and almost all of these millions of people see this viral thing. If you ask me, that is pretty amazing considering all of the things that people could choose to search, view, etc. The real question is how does something such as a video go viral in the first place?  According to Maria Konnikova in, The Six Things That Make Stories Go Viral Will Amaze, and Maybe Infuriate, You, any of these six things, emotion, arousal, social currency, memory inducing, practical value, and quality of story, will make an item go viral. To me it does not seem too hard to find a way to incorporate one or even many of these things into a video or something entertaining, so I can see why things go viral all the time, but how do things stop being viral? When searching on Google, there is almost no information on how things stop being viral, only on how to make things go viral. The closest is talking about the reason viral things stopped mattering in 2013, but does not talk about when things stop going viral.

My thought is things either just fade away after a certain amount of time due to other viral things appearing, or viral things never truly quit being viral. The first thought is much easier to think about because it is a common thought that older things will fade off as the new items appear, but the second is more difficult. There are examples of things never truly being gone from being viral. Take this, Top 10 Viral Things That Shouldn’t Have Been, which is an example of things that went viral a long time ago and reappear now as a website. More examples are Gifs and Memes. Old pictures pop up with new meanings and old videos that use to be viral reappear with just a clip and new meanings. Take the next two Memes, download (2) images

both of these Memes appeared for a while and were viral, but after a while they faded away. The only thing is that they are still very easy to find and when somebody shows them, could take off as viral again. Overall, I believe that viral things will fade away from the lime light and be less viral, but I feel that they never truly stop being viral. What do you think happens to old viral items?


6 comments on “Viralling Out of Control

  1. fisheraw says:

    I think viral items do fade away, but because of the fact that they were once viral, everyone has already seen them. So if they see them again they will know exactly what they are and what context they are in. For example, the Jersey Shore picture should have gone away after Jersey Shore went away, but, you are right, as soon as it pops up once it will come back again. I also believe what comes up has to do with social currency. If something that had gone viral before has nothing to do with what is going on now, it will not go viral again.


  2. perkints says:

    Firstly, that is a quality title! I also agree with you! I think that most things that go viral fade away and become just a memory. With that being said, I think that because those videos are always with us in our memory, those videos, etc. remain viral. Everyone has a memory or recollection of things that go viral; it may not currently be going viral, but it went viral at some point.


  3. I agree with your point that viral things die at some point. But when someone sees them after a long time of not seeing them, they can easily relate and remember to when they were viral. Kind of relates to popular songs. I know that if i could go back to some the old popular songs on my iPod video, i could remember times where me and my friends couldn’t stop listening to it. So overall, I think viral things will become less viral due to new hot content and that it won’t stop being viral.


  4. I think that viral things do fade with time, because the novelty of them is what caused them to become viral in the first part. However, because everybody has seen them and can remember them, they never completely fade. Think of it as a famous person. After they die their fame declines, but it takes an incredibly long time for them to completely fade away.


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